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beth donovan

Darn, that was a great post! and so was the one on children!!

On the bright side, you are off blogger!!

Greta (Hooah Wife)

Have a Margarita babe!!


Aw Fausta, I know exactly what you're going through. I went through those exact same stages of grief when my first Common Sense Runs Wild blog suddenly disappeared from...er, TypePad.

Hm, maybe you should make sure you keep disk backups of everything just to be safe.

(When your site finally shows back up don't forget the URL redirect.)


Have a Margarita, babe!
Or two!!


my condolences, hang onto the hope


Fausta, your blog is fixed. You're on my server, remember? :) This is probably the only day in 3 months that I never had time to check my email at work, so I didn't see your post at Cotillion til just a few minutes ago. I bumped your bandwidth up, hopefully this helps.


Thank you Tammy!


No problem, glad I could help. I just wish I'd seen your post earlier in the day.

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